LoopLink RLC Help

Client Information

Client Details

Enter basic client information for keeping your projects organized.

First Name: (required) The first name of your client.

Last Name: (required) The last name of your client.

Company: Your client's company name.

Country: (required) The country in which the system will be installed.

City: Your client's city name.

State: (required) Your client's state. This will be used for helping to default the bin data location on Project Details.

City: Your client's zip code.

Street Address: Your client's complete street address.

Email Address: Your client's email address.

Primary Phone: Your client's primary phone number.

Secondary Phone: Your client's secondary phone number.

Fax: Your client's primary phone number.


Add any notes about the project or client that you would like in this field. Only you will be able to see the contents of the note box. It is not included in the printed report.